Cheryl Leo

Ms Cheryl Leo began ballet training at a tender age of 5 under her teacher, Ms Pang Ling.

Having completed all her Royal Academy of Dance Graded and vocational Examinations to Advance One with straight distinctions , Cheryl has recently graduated with RAD Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies in October 2014

Cheryl was actively involved in Singapore Youth Festival dance competitions and ballet performances in school. She had ventured and enjoyed a wide range of other dance genres - Hip Hop, Chinese Dance, Modern, Jazz & Contempporary . However, her true passion still lies with ballet.

Imparting ballet skills to her young children in Tampines East CC, Pasir Ris East CC and Tampines West CC gives Cheryl utmost satisfaction and joy.


Ms Cheryl Tan

Under the tutelage of her ballet teacher, Ms June Lee at Crestar School of Dance., Cheryl started dancing at 6 years old and has attained distinctions for all her Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Graded and Vocational Examinations.

Cheryl has also achieved Honours Plus in her Modern Jazz examinations under Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD).

Attaining her Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies with RAD in October 2014, Cheryl is now a registered teacher with RAD.

Cheryl has participated in many dance performances and competitions such as the CSTD Asia Pacific Competition and represent Singapore under the Crestar Senior Dance Group to perform at the 2007 International Children's Cultural and Arts Festival in Shanghai.

For the past 7 years of teaching, she has choreographed many dance items and has sent girls to participate in events such as Chingay, PA Arts Festival and many other school concerts and community events.

As much as Cheryl enjoys performing as a dancer, her greatest passion is to teach children She hopes to inspire children and build up their passion for dance through her teaching. Ms Tan is currently teaching ballet at Tampines North CC & Woodlands CC.

Ms Vivian

Ms Vivian took up Kpop courses under Tru Dance in 2011 under Ms Huda, and after getting spotted for her talent and passion for kpop she started training very hard to improve her skills and techniques.

In Year 2012, together with a few other dancers from the class , they formed a Kpop Dance Crew, called Urban Spade. Under the guidance of Ms Huda, she was appointed as the crew leader and has taken part in several competitions such as Teens Supreme 2012, Teenage Kpop Dance Battle 2012 & 2013, Dream Stage 2013 and Dance Works 2013.

After many practices and experiences, she was given the opportunity to teach her own kpop classes and to master the skill of teaching a class after several guidance. She has improve tremendously through the years and will continue to share her passion for kpop to others.


Ms Ivoly always have the passion to dance all her life. Finally in 2010, she decided to take up dancing courses under Tru Dance. She was trained by her instructor, Miss Huda, who taught her countless techniques and nurture her skills.

In year 2011, together with a few dancers, they formed a dance crew, Barcode, which she was appointed as the crew leader. The crew had performed on several occasion at Punggol CC, Sengkang CC & Punggol 21 CC. They had also taken part in the dance competition at Punggol 21 countdown party 2011 and has been awarded a 1st runner up.

Soon she was given an opportunity to assist in class and ultimately she was able to teach a class of 20. She had grew great interest in the pass 2 years and looking forward to exchange and share her skills to the others.


Lynette Chan

A Dream is a wish your heart Makes ~ Cinderella

Lynette Chan strongly believes that as long as one never stops dreaming, you can achieve what your heart desires. With this belief, she hopes to inspire her students in dance.

Lynette started her ballet training at the age of 5 under the tutelage of Ms Pang Ling. She has attained merits and distinctions for her Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Graded and Vocational Examinations.

Although primarily trained in Classical Ballet, Lynette’s love for dance has propelled her to excel in other genres of dance. She has been actively participating in stage performances, concerts and competitions in genres such as salsa, contemporary, modern and broadway. Currently an active salsa dancer with SIM Salsa En Soul, she has performed at major events such as Mucho Mambo Singapore and Singapore Latin Extravaganza. In addition to being a dancer, Lynette has also numerous experience in managing theatre, dance and music productions.

With her passion, Lynette is excited to be part of the TruDance family and is dedicated in sharing her passion for dance and the arts with her students in Tampines West CC and Woodgrove CC.


Ms Huda started dancing at the age of 12. She was the Chairwoman the school’s modern dance club headed by Mdm Liao (Singapore) & Ms Berlinda (Australia). Throughout her five years in this club, she picked up ballet, contemporary jazz and line dancing. Her first exposure to dance competitions was Singapore Youth Festival Year 2000.

In year 2005 she joined the Nanyang Polytechnic dance club, School of Groove better known as ‘Foreign Bodies’. She picked genres like Asian/ Western Hip-Hop dance style, Reggae, Locking, Popping, Breaking and Ghetto. She won during her first Hip Hop Dance competition ‘Anti-Drug Dancework’ in 2006 for the Most Energizing Award Group.

Huda’s forte is Hip Hop, in 2006 she was in-charge for the junior girls in Foreign Bodies. She also joined many external competitions like Overdrive (Finalist), Suntec Dance, Funkamania, Lime Magazine (1st runner-up) and Dance Crown of Honor (Finalist). She performed for many Hip Hop events like O School’s The Big Groove Concert, FB Production and School Musicals. She was even appointed to choreograph a section of Foreign Bodies first Dance Production for Nanyang Polytechnic.

Huda is inspired to share her knowledge of dance to others and creating her own unique style. Looking forward to further her dance technicality overseas and locally.

Xue Ying

Ms Tan XueYing

Inspiring and nurturing the young brings utmost satisfaction and Xueying aims to combine her dance passion and positive focus to create an enjoyable experience for her students in Rivervale CC and Tampines East CC.

Xueying took up classical ballet at the age of five at Crestar School of Dance. She has completed all her Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Graded and Advanced Foundation Vocational Examinations with high merits and distinctions.

Attaining her Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies with RAD in October 2014, Xueying is now a registered teacher with RAD

During her tertiary studies, Xueying was in the Temasek Polytechnic Dance Ensemble where she was exposed to contemporary and lyrical jazz under the guidance of Mr Ryan Tan. She has performed and choreographed for numerous school events such as ‘GEMS 5: The Labyrinth’ and ‘GEMS 6: Celebrate Life, Celebrate Dance’. Xueying has participated in dance competitions such as ‘The Royal Dance off’

Xueying joined a contemporary dance company, RAW Moves in 2012 to 2013 under the guidance of Mr Ricky Sim. She has performed in the production of Run Another Way 2012, R.E.P 2013 and Optical Appetite 2013


Ms Tricia Goh

Since her introduction to classical ballet at the age of 4, Tricia has not stopped dancing. Under the guidance of Ms Pang Ling, she has completed graded and vocational examinations with Royal Academy of Dancing, up to Advanced Foundation.

During her years in university, she danced and choreographed with Flare Dance Ensemble, University of Melbourne’s resident dance group. There she was exposed to other genres such as contemporary, jazz, latin, and even urban. Ballet however, still remains her first love.

"To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak" resonates deeply with Tricia. Dance has allowed her to express thoughts, memories and emotions that are better conveyed without words. She strongly believes that movement creates an unspoken connection, and allows dancers to express what can only be felt.

Just as how she has been inspired by her dance teachers, fellow choreographers, and dancers, she hopes to inspire her ballet students at Tampines East CC.

Ms XinYing

Ms Xinying was inspired to be a dancer by her brother who also dances in his polytechnic years. An opportunity was given to her, to assured her passion for dancing when her PE lesson in her third year of secondary school was to learn hip-hop. From then on, her love for dancing grew even more and has eventually gave her the courage to take up lesson in tru dance under Ms Huda.

Xinying joined her first hip hop lesson in early 2010, and in 2011 together with a few dancers from the course, they formed a dance crew called Barcode. The crew has then performed in several occasion at Punggol CC, SengKang CC, Punggol 21 CC. In addition, they has also participate themselves in the Punggol 21 CC party countdown 2011 and has been awarded a 1st runner up. Subsequently, they work with urban spade to form UrbanCode to participate in the Dancework competition, as well as the teenage Kpop Dance Battle 2013.

Her passion and hardwork payoff when she was given the opportunity to assist in a kids hip hop class and eventually taught her own class of 20. She will continue to improve her skills and to also inspired and encourage those who have passion for dancing.

Edna Khor

Ms Edna Khor began dancing at the age of 5 at Crestar School of Dance. She has since completed all her Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) graded and vocational examinations with high merits and distinctions. Edna has just completed her advanced 2 vocational examination in October 2014, and is currently pursuing her final year of certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies with RAD under the tutelage of her teacher, Ms Pang Ling.

Edna joined the Summer School programme hosted by RAD in 2004, took part in a New Zealand dance exchange in the year 2005 and 2006, and recently in June 2014 to Brisbane with Annette Roselli Dance Academy. Participated in Crestar School of Dance competition 2014 and came in 2nd with her group in the Freestyle category gives her great satisfaction as a dancer which Edna hopes to Combine her passion for ballet and teaching children to dance into one.

Her ballet students are at Punggol CC and Punggol Park CC, as well as Creative Movement students at Punggol 21 CC and Sengkang CC.